Fireworks: to buy or not to buy?

Dynamicfireworks - Fireworks to buyThat, of course, is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the sky to watch the lights and flashes of neighbors’ fireworks or to take rockets into a sea of lights and by adding enhance them. Apart from all foolishness, it is a well-known and equally well-loved practice to light up some fireworks when we feel there is something to celebrate. In the UK, for example, this happens regularly during Guy Fawkes Night to celebrate the famous early 17th century 5th of November foiled gunpowder plot and of course on New Year’s Eve. Not everyone enjoys to set off fireworks, to buy them or even to go near them during these celebrations. Continue reading “Fireworks: to buy or not to buy?”


Are you looking for fireworks to buy?

There are not many things as old as fireworks that are still in use, probably in very much the same shape and form as when they were first invented. Fireworks were invented in early medieval China, in the 7th century AD, to be precise, during the Tang dynasty. There are numerous paintings, mosaics, engravings, illustrations and written texts documenting the use and spread of fireworks, from their invention throughout the following centuries, from China via the Arabs throughout the rest of the world. Continue reading “Are you looking for fireworks to buy?”